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Prohibition stories

I'll shoot anyone who comes aboard me The captain of the schooner I'm Alone stared silently at the black night h...
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Working on The Smugglers game.

Interview with Project Manager - Szymon Dziedzic Hi Szymon, can you tell us what you do in your company? I'm a Pr...

Halloween update

Trick or treat! A scary Halloween update is coming!What could possibly be scary about a pumpkin? A worm. More so? Half ...

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About EON46

Our mission is to make games for entertainment and to get you thinking about some important things. We will prove that even mobile games may have a meaningful, rich and interesting storyline or a twist that people talk about. We want our products to be memorable and fun. We want to make you laugh, amazed or amused. We hope that you, gamers and users, get back to our games and apps which make your life brighter and easier.

We work without the crunch, corporate nomenclature or hierarchy. Feel free to talk with us! You’re welcome to join our community and make a change in development of our games and apps!